Natcast is pleased to invite participants in the broad semiconductor ecosystem to join the NSTC Community of Interest. The Community of Interest is a pre-membership program for participants who are considering joining the NSTC. By completing the survey, participants can provide input as to the program priorities of the NSTC and will be notified as opportunities emerge in their specific domain.  Natcast encourages all members of the community to use the Community of Interest survey to engage in the emerging NSTC consortium.

To join the Community of Interest:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should complete the Community of Interest survey?

The survey is for any entity interested in participating in the semiconductor industry in the U.S. including companies of all sizes/all parts of the supply chain/all stages of commercialization, educational institutions of all sizes and focus (including community colleges), government bodies (including FFRDCs, state/local government, bureaus and agencies of the federal government), semiconductor customers and application providers, investors, workforce representatives, services providers, non-profits and research entities including those from allied nations. The survey is not intended for individuals.

Can companies not based in the U.S. join the Community of Interest?

Generally, yes. Most companies not based in the U.S. can join the Community of Interest.

Excluded entities are those that meet the definition of foreign entities of concern. More information on excluded entities.

Is there a fee to join the Community of Interest and complete the survey?

No. The survey is an opportunity to provide input regarding the direction of the NSTC before signing up for a fee-based membership program.

Does completing the survey obligate any individual entity to join the NSTC?

No. The survey is an expression of interest, not a commitment.

Does completing the survey imply any contribution of intellectual property?

No. The survey does not have any IP arrangements or commitments.

Who within a large organization should complete the survey?

Large organizations are welcome to designate one individual as their primary representative to the NSTC. Alternatively, if the organization has several groups with different interests, they are welcome to complete separate surveys. In this case, please indicate the division or department in each separate entry.