NSTC Research and Development Initial R&D Programs

The NSTC has been chartered to identify, conduct, support, and enable semiconductor research and development to best serve the needs of the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem as envisioned by the CHIPS Act. To that end, the NSTC will be developing a robust portfolio of R&D programs spanning both internally performed R&D and externally performed R&D. One of the top priorities for the NSTC for 2024 is to launch a portfolio of external R&D initiatives that will be competitively sourced within the community of NSTC members.

Anticipated Activities of initial R&D Programs

At least $100 million will be allocated to initial initiatives with high impact, quick turnaround, and broad ecosystem engagement. Natcast expects to launch two competitions in summer 2024. The first project will concern Artificial Intelligence Driven RF Integrated Circuits (AIDRFIC)

In addition to AIDRFIC, other initial R&D programs will include:

  • Test Vehicles
  • PFAS (under consultation)

AIDRFIC Call for Proposals Released

Natcast is now soliciting proposals for the AIDRFIC program, which will enable domestically developed AI-based Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for Radio Frequently Integrated Services. For more information see the AIDRFIC solicitation home page.

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