Artificial Intelligence Driven Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design Enablement (AIDRFIC) Program

This NSTC research and development program will address the domestic RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) industry and is focused on the adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology for use in RF design. Its objective is the successful demonstration of AI-based tools used to improve design productivity for RFICs thus lowering the risk of further investment in commercialization of the technology.

Adapting AI and ML technology for use in RF IC design

Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) are critical to many commercial systems provide wide-ranging functionality including low-noise and power amplification, phase shifting, mixing, switching, and filtering, to name a few. The emphasis of AIDRFIC is on the Circuit Design and Physical Design components of the flow for RF building blocks and corresponding System Verification of the higher-level system. AI-enabled tools for these components will improve the productivity of the design process, potentially allowing for greater focus on system-level partitioning and trade-offs.

The Challenge

Ultimately, the objective of AIDRFIC is the successful demonstration of AI-enabled tools used to improve RFIC design productivity thus lowering the risk of further investment in commercialization of the technology.

The Opportunity

To that end, the goals of the AIDRFIC program are using AI in RFIC design to:

  1. Lower the experience barrier for performing RFIC design
  2. Increase RFIC design productivity
  3. Optimize RFIC designs
  4. Generate unique, non-intuitive RFIC designs

A successful program will demonstrate the viability of the proposed approach on a larger scale and meet real-world needs. It will then lower the potential technology risk and enable EDA companies to produce tools. The successful outcome of the AIDRFIC program will be the starting point for further development and commercialization of AI-enabled design technology in RFIC design by EDA companies. The AIDRFIC program will de-risk further investment and provide confidence for EDA companies or start-ups with funding to commercialize the technology in support of the domestic semiconductor industry.

Funding Opportunity

Total program award funding up to $30M with 3-4 awards anticipated. Individual awards are expected to range from $5M to $10M.

General Eligibility

Eligible applicants include domestic for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and accredited institutions of higher education.

While entities are not required to be NSTC members at the time of application, Natcast will work with each awardee so they can become an NSTC member at the time of Award. 

Please see the full CFP documentation for further details.

Application Timeline

Call for Proposals ReleasedJune 28, 2024
Proposers’ DayJuly 11, 2024
Executive Summary DueJuly 25, 2024
Question Submission DeadlineAugust 9, 2024
Proposals DueAugust 16, 2024
Target Awards AnnouncedOctober 17, 2024
Target Project StartDecember 2, 2024

Application Portal and FAQs coming soon.


Questions can be submitted to [email protected]. Questions must be submitted by August 9, 2024, 5:00 pm ET. Responses to frequently asked questions will be posted to this AIDRFIC website page.