The National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) is one of CHIPS for America’s programs. As a public-private consortium operated by Natcast, it provides a platform where government, industry, customers, suppliers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, workforce representatives, and investors converge to address the semiconductor ecosystem’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

The NSTC’s comprehensive semiconductor programs include research, prototyping capabilities, an investment fund, and workforce development programs, including the future establishment of the NSTC Workforce Center of Excellence (WCoE). The WCoE will be the definitive, trusted resource for workforce development for semiconductor companies doing business in America. The dedicated staff at the WCoE will address critical U.S. semiconductor industry workforce needs, accelerate best practices, and cultivate the next generation of semiconductor researchers, engineers, and technicians. 

Anticipated Activities of the Workforce Center of Excellence

The Workforce Center of Excellence will collaborate with industry leaders, researchers, educational institutions, government bodies, workforce development organizations, nonprofits, unions, and other training providers to anticipate and prioritize:

  • Understanding critical semiconductor industry workforce needs
  • Scaling successful semiconductor workforce development programs
  • Expanding access to semiconductor training and education
  • Cultivating interest in semiconductor careers
  • Accelerating best practice adoption

The Department of Commerce expects to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the NSTC’s workforce efforts, including the WCoE. This funding will help ensure students and workers at all stages of life have access to education and training for good-paying jobs in the semiconductor industry.

NSTC Workforce Partner Alliance (WFPA)

Natcast is now accepting applications for the first NSTC workforce funding program, the NSTC Workforce Partner Alliance (WFPA) program. This initial program will fund initiatives addressing critical U.S. job and skill gaps across semiconductor design, manufacturing, and production. U.S.-based entities, including nonprofits, educational institutions, private companies, and state/local agencies, amongst others, are eligible to apply. For more information about the NSTC Workforce Partnership Alliance Program, including eligibility requirements, please visit our dedicated program page:

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