SemiUS Announces New Name (Natcast) and a Yearend Progress Report

December 15, 2023

We are writing to give you an update on our progress to lay the groundwork for the NSTC. 

First, we would like to announce a name change for our organization. To better reflect our activities and focus, we have selected a new name, Natcast, which stands for National Center for the Advancement of Semiconductor Technology.  Our website can now be found at  Your newsletter subscription will automatically be transferred to the new name.

Since being appointed two months ago, the seven initial trustees, in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, have been working hard on this complex project, focusing on a number of important, foundational activities, including:

  • Incorporating a new, non-profit entity (now named Natcast) and creating its governance structures
  • Building basic administrative functionality, policies and tools
  • Setting up communications and public engagement systems
  • Finalizing an initial agreement with the Department of Commerce to supply seed funding
  • Interviewing CEO candidates

Our focus over the next few months is on the following critical activities:

  • Selecting a CEO and supporting the CEO in building an executive team
  • Working with the Department of Commerce to define the long-term collaboration process
  • Building relationships throughout the industry, academia and the government in order to lay the groundwork for a vibrant community, including establishing a membership structure and defining the structure of advisory boards
  • Prioritizing from among the many possible program offerings to enable important work to get started quickly

As we enter the new year, we are committed to working towards creating an outstanding, long-lasting new institution to benefit the nation. 

With wishes for a happy holiday season,

The Natcast Trustees