Leaders in the semiconductor ecosystem comment on the appointment of Natcast CEO Deirdre Hanford:

Rani Borkar
CVP, Azure Hardware Systems & Infrastructure at Microsoft

“We are living in a time when it is more critical than ever to further the impact of technology on the world through a robust and thriving semiconductor ecosystem. The CHIPS and Science Act’s investments to incubate disruptive technologies, support semiconductor R&D, and build strong and resilient semiconductor supply chains in the U.S. benefits everyone in the ecosystem. I’ve been honored to work alongside Deirdre Hanford for decades and have seen firsthand the skill, leadership, and foresight she brings to semiconductor innovation. Her formidable experience and commitment to the industry will propel Natcast’s mission forward to scale semiconductors for the next era of innovation.”

Mung Chiang
President, Purdue University

“Today’s announcement that Deirdre Hanford will take the helm as the CEO of Natcast marks another milestone in the ongoing revitalization of semiconductor innovation in America. We are proud to have worked closely with Deirdre at Purdue’s Semiconductor Degrees Program, where she co-chairs the Industry Leadership Board. She is a visionary innovator and long-standing industry expert who is precisely the leader that NSTC, CHIPS Act implementation, and our nation need at this critical moment to advance the semiconductor industry and ensure our national and economic security for decades to come.”

Pat Gelsinger
Chief Executive Officer, Intel

“Since the work on CHIPS began, we have advocated for sustained research to assure long term capacity in the United States. Natcast has a critical mission to ensure the U.S. remains the center of global semiconductor research and development. Intel is thrilled to have Deirdre Hanford as its leader, and for the establishment of NSTC to collaborate across industries and disciplines.”

Sassine Ghazi
President and CEO, Synopsys

“In this era of pervasive intelligence, the technology enabled by semiconductors plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. Natcast’s R&D mission is central to advancing U.S. semiconductor innovation. I’m profoundly proud of Deirdre Hanford’s appointment. Having worked alongside her for over two decades, I have witnessed her exceptional leadership, deep understanding of the semiconductor industry, and innovative mindset. There is no one more qualified or better suited to lead Natcast than Deirdre. I know she will have a positive impact on our industry as CEO of Natcast.”

Dr. David A. Honey
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

“I am grateful to Deirdre for accepting the challenge of serving as the inaugural CEO of Natcast, the expected operator of the National Semiconductor Technology Center. She is the right person to lead this important public-private consortium, with vast experience across academia, industry, and government. Her experience with the DoD’s Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes program and her work on DARPA and IARPA programs are particularly valuable as the Department of Defense pursues new R&D initiatives and seeks to secure the production of cutting-edge chips. Deirdre and the work of NSTC will be instrumental for the defense semiconductor ecosystem and I look forward to building an enduring partnership.”

Dr. Cliff Hou
Senior Vice President, Europe & Asia Sales and Research & Development / Corporate Research, TSMC

“TSMC runs on collaboration – with our customers, suppliers, and design ecosystem partners. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deirdre for many years, and although there are many technology challenges ahead of us, I’m encouraged to know that she will be pulling together different stakeholders through Natcast as the NSTC operator to tackle these long-term research challenges together. We look forward to being part of the team.”

Jensen Huang
Founder & CEO, NVIDIA

“The future is built on chips and AI. Natcast’s mission to accelerate innovation of the US chip industry will help secure US leadership in this vital industry. I have worked with Deirdre for over 35 years and witnessed her contributions to the formation of the global chip ecosystem. Natcast has chosen an excellent CEO and will be led by one of the chip industry’s most experienced and impactful leaders.”

Arvind Krishna
Chairman and CEO, IBM

“Congratulations to Deirdre Hanford on her appointment to lead Natcast, the expected operator of the NSTC. Deirdre is an outstanding and highly qualified choice to advance this critical semiconductor R&D hub for the United States and its allies. Under her leadership, the NSTC will strengthen the chip innovation pipeline, drive new technical breakthroughs and bolster America’s semiconductor workforce. The center will play a critical role in driving economic growth and supporting national security, and IBM is at the ready to work with Deirdre to accelerate U.S. chip leadership.”

Sanjay Mehrohtra
CEO, Micron

“As a world leader of innovative memory solutions and the only company proposing to bring leading-edge memory manufacturing to the United States, Micron is fully aligned with the mission of the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC).  The time is now to extend America’s leadership in semiconductor technology, accelerate the time from design to commercialization, and build our semiconductor workforce of the future.  The appointment of Deirdre Hanford, a true industry veteran, as the CEO of Natcast is an important step to building a prosperous domestic semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.  I have known and worked with Deirdre for over 10 years and cannot think of a better person to fill this critical role.  Her business acumen, technical capabilities, and ability to drive change gives me great confidence for the future of the U.S. semiconductor industry.”

Jitendra Mohan
CEO, Astera Labs

“I am thrilled at Deirdre’s appointment as the CEO of Natcast. Deirdre has supported us in every step of our six-year journey to deliver industry leading semiconductor-based connectivity solutions that are purpose-built for cloud and AI infrastructure. We applaud NSTC’s mission to re-establish global leadership for the US in the semiconductor industry. American semiconductor innovation begins at startups like Astera Labs, which stand to benefit immensely from Deirdre’s decades of experience in semiconductor design and her intimate familiarity with the startup ecosystem.”

John Neuffer

“As a leading expert on semiconductor technology and a highly respected industry veteran, Deirdre is enormously qualified to fill this critical role and chart a path forward for the NSTC. I have worked with Deirdre for years and can say her outstanding contributions to our industry, her strong sense of mission, and her fierce determination to achieve ambitious results position her ideally for success as the first Natcast CEO. The stakes are high, and the challenges are great, but Deirdre is the right person for the job and the right leader at the right moment to fulfill the promise of this hugely important undertaking for America and the world. We look forward to working with Deirdre and the leadership team she develops to help ensure the NSTC delivers transformative advancements in chip technology for years to come.”

Lisa Su
Chair and CEO, AMD

“Public-private partnerships like the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) are vital to maintain U.S. leadership in chip design, and the advanced R&D work led by the NSTC will strengthen the U.S. economy and our national security. Deirdre’s deep knowledge of the semiconductor ecosystem and proven experience working in public, private and academic spheres make her ideal to lead this work through Natcast. Congratulations to both Deirdre and Natcast on this important milestone and the continued advancement of NSTC’s mission to drive broader collaboration, and innovation across the entire U.S. semiconductor ecosystem.”